About Dr. Stanley

H. Paul Stanley, Jr., Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist practicing in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Dr. Stanley earned a BA degree from Crichton College (formerly Mid-South Bible College) in 1974. His major area of study was Christian Education.

Over the next three years Dr. Stanley completed a MAR degree in counseling at Harding Graduate School and did post graduate study at the University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State University). The masters degree was complete in 1977.

Additional graduate study in counseling psychology was complete in 1983 at The University of Mississippi where Dr. Stanley earned a Ph.D. degree.

An internship in psychology was completed by
Dr. Stanley at the Memphis Community Mental Health Psychology Internship. This internship was sponsored conjointly by Northeast Community Mental Health Center and Southeast Mental Health Center.

Dr. Stanley received additional post-doctoral clinical supervision in psychology from William R. Gentry, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Gentry supervised Dr. Stanley October, 1988 through September, 1990.

From February, 1977 through July, 1978 Dr. Stanley worked as the Coordinator of Personal Services at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

He was then employed by Northeast Community Mental Health Center as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor from July, 1978 through August, 1982.

While in graduate school at The University of Mississippi Dr. Stanley taught Human Growth and Development as a Graduate Instructor.

From January, 1983 through August, 1985 Dr. Stanley was an Adjunct Instructor at Crichton College. From August, 1985 through August, 1987 he was the Chairman of the Social Science Department and an Assistant Professor. In August, 1987 Dr. Stanley resigned his position as Chairman of the Social Science Department in order to devote more time to his psychology practice. He continued to teach at the college as an Adjunct Instructor until April, 1990.

In September, 1983 Dr. Stanley opened a private psychology practice, Allied Counseling Professionals/ Christian Psychological and Educational Services, Inc. He was president of this corporation and served as a staff psychologist until June, 1997.

In January, 1997 Dr. Stanley joined the staff of Memphis Psychiatric & Addiction Clinics, PC as a part-time psychologist. In June, 1997 this position became full time. Dr. Stanley has continued in this position until December, 2012.

In January, 2013, Dr. Stanley left Memphis Psychiatric & Addiction Clinics, PC, continuing to practice independently.

Depression-help-for-you.com was started by Dr. Stanley in March, 2002. He has written , The “How To Transform Your Life” E-Workshop , a guide to making and maintaining desired changes in one’s life.

Dr. Stanley is married. He and his wife have four children and eleven grandchildren.