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Information on Depression

Here you will find current information on depression. These blog posts will keep you informed concerning general information about depression.

Major depression is a brain disorder - Research shows that major depression is a brain disorder.

Burnout and Depression May Cost You Your Life - Is your doctor burned out and/or depressed? If so your life may be in danger.

Inflammation May Contribute to Depression - More and more research is showing that the bodies' of depressed people function differently than those of nondepressed people. Here is another study that shows an important difference -- increased inflammation in response to stress.

Pain Plus Depression Equals Disability -- Especially For Women - If you experience chronic pain, depression may be part of the problem.

Brain Abnormalities Cause Children With Bipolar Disorder To Misinterpret Facial Expressions - Children with bipolar have more reactive brains. This causes them to see others as more hostile.

Too Much Work Contributes to Canadian Depression - If you find yourself working more and more, even when you should take-off, you may be endangering your physical, social, financial, and mental health.

Verbal Abuse -- Another Cause of Depression - Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can break your self-esteem and depress you.

Violence Is Another Factor Related To Depression - A violent, abusive relationship hurts -- physically and emotionally.

Work Related Causes Of Depression - Is your job getting you down? This information may help you understand why.

The New Baby May Not Be The Only One Crying - If you have a colicky baby chances are you also have a depressed mom.

To Be Bullied Is Depressing - Does bullying cause depression? Or does depression cause bullying? The answer is here.

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