You are invited to participate in the Depression Help Online Support Forums.

The Depression Help Online Support Forums are for you to both give and to receive support to help depression.

The "How to Transform Your Life" E-Workshop teaches that sharing support is important as you make changes in your life. The Depression Help Online Support Forums are all about sharing support.

To share support means both…

  • to give support

  • and to receive support.

This is a place for you to support others and a place where others can support you.

You can support others by sharing what has worked for you--what you have found to help your depression. This is a place to share success stories.

Think back to a time when you were feeling depressed and you did something healthy and helpful -- something that made you feel better. Then post your success story so that it can encourage others.

Success stories can also help others by giving them ideas about how to deal with a problem or struggle.

You can receive support from others by sharing your struggles with depression related problems or issues and letting others share what has worked for them. This is a place to ask “how to help depression” questions.

Please don't just ask for help without giving help. The Depression Help Online Support Forums will only work if you are willing to share support...both give support and receive support.

This is a place where you can receive depression online support by asking others to pray for you. Simply ask readers, "Will you pray that...(and share your request)."

You can support others by praying for them. As you read the messages that someone has posted and feel that you identify or relate to him or her, stop and take a moment to pray for that person. Then submit your own reply telling him or her that you have prayed for him or her.

I am not trying to convert anyone to a particular religious or spiritual doctrine or practice. It's OK if you do not even consider yourself a religious or spiritual person.

You can still pray (as you understand prayer) to the God of your understanding. If you do not have a God of your understanding, approach it as a wish or desire. Tell the person whom you are supporting, "My wish for you is that..." or "My desire for you is that..."

Theologian Richard Foster, in his wonderful book, Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home, writes, "If we truly love people, we will desire for them far more than it is within our power to give them, and this will lead us to prayer." (p. 191)

So allow others to share their love with you...and share your love with them.

If you have had a similar struggle and found something that worked for you...share it.

A Few Rules

So that the Depression Help Online Support Forums can be beneficial for all who participate, I ask that you follow the following rules while participating…

  • Please read the Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Statement for before participating in the Depression Help Online Support Forums. You will find links to these pages on the left side of this page.

  • The Site is not for the use of children or teens. If the User is under the legal age of adulthood in his or her location he or she does not have permission to use the Site. Although I know teenagers and children have problems with depression, this is not my area of expertise. The teenager’s and child’s needs can best be served by a Website that is for their age group. If you are a teenager or child and are seeking help or support for depression please find a Website for your age group. Such Websites can be found by searching for "teenage depression" or "childhood depression" in Google or another search engine. There are several available. You can also find help by talking with a trusted adult. Talk with your doctor, minister, psychologist, schoolteacher, school counselor or another person that can help you with this problem.

  • Please do not submit material that contains offensive content, profanity, sexually explicit references, research questions, suicide threats, threats to others, slanderous statements, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, off topic content, or self-serving and promotional content--such as advertising. If you are having suicidal thoughts or feeling please seek help immediately. You can also find help by calling 1-800-SUICIDE.

  • Please do not try to push your beliefs or points of view on others. Be tolerant and respectful of others. Please, no religious or theological debates or arguments.

  • When you submit content, be brief and to the point.

To keep the forums supportive and helpful for all, I will delete posts that violate these rules. If a user repeatedly breaks the rules, that person will be barred from the forums.

To participate all you have to do is click on the link below. The link will take you to the Depression Help Online Support Forums.

I hope that the Depression Help Online Support Source will be a helpful source of support for all who participate. Please visit us regularly…actively give and receive support to help depression.

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