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Exercise Video Tapes

You really need to check out these exercise video tapes. They can be purchased at most good online and off line book stores.

Transforming your life involves taking good care of your body. Exercise is one important part of any comprehensive self-improvement program.

But to exercise properly such that you get the most benefit you must know what you are doing. These tapes can help you learn how to exercise in a manner that is right for you.

Get Fit While You Sit

Is this your situation? Do you spend a lot of time sitting…

  • sitting at a desk in an office?

  • sitting at a computer?

  • sitting in front of the TV?

If you have little or no time for exercise, if you are a couch potato, if you like to do things the easy way, or if you want gain without pain, Get Fit While You Sit may be the exercise program that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Welcome To Gentle Fitness

Do you have medical problems or pain that makes exercising difficult. If so, Welcome to Gentle Fitness may be right for you.

This program was developed by Catherine MacRae and a team of eleven health care consultants. The Welcome To Gentle Fitness program has been recommended by leading medical centers and can be used to reduce symptoms associated with numerous medical problems.

Miracle Mile With Leslie Sansone

Do you want to start a walking program but don’t want to do it outdoors…

  • Maybe the weather is too hot (or too cold).

  • Maybe you don’t want your neighbors to see you walking.

  • Maybe you are concerned about crime.

  • Maybe you are concerned about dogs.

Regardless of why you don’t want to walk outdoors, Leslie Sansone has developed several excellent IN-HOME walking programs for you.

For beginners, there is the Miracle Mile With Leslie Sansone, This is a low impact fitness program that takes about 20 minutes for each session.

If you want a more intense in-home walking workout, try Leslie Sansone--2 Mile Walk.

Leslie also has programs especially designed for families, for kids, for 40-plus adults, for older adults, and for busy people. She even has specialized programs for weight-loss.