Job For The Disabled -- Some Problems And Solutions

I am disabled and I want a job for the disabled -- but there is a problem. In fact, there are several problems. What can I do to overcome these problems and find a job?

This is the question asked by many disabled people. Of the 17 million disabled people who are of working age in the United States, 12 million are unemployed.

Most of these people would like to have a job for the disabled...79% of unemployed disabled people want to have a job.

But problems keep them from finding a job.

Finding A Job For The Disabled Problem #1 -- The Disability Itself

Many disabled people focus on what they can't do. This causes them to feel helpless.

Because they feel helpless, they don't put much effort into finding a job...and, unless they are lucky, they don't find one.

Job For The Disabled Solution #1 -- Plan small steps which you can take to move toward finding a job. Focus on what you can do...not on what you can't do.

Then, take the steps which you have planned.

For example, you can read the classified ads in the newspaper and circle each advertised job that interests you.

Don't worry about if you qualify for the job, if you can do the job, if you can get to the job location, and so on.

By reading and circling you are taking a small, DO-able step. Even if you don't find a job opening which is realistic, you have started doing something. You have started moving toward a goal -- finding a job for the disabled.

You are no longer passive. And who knows -- You may find a job opening that is just right for you.

Finding A Job For The Disabled Problem #2 -- The Belief, "No One Will Hire Me."

Many disabled people have been rejected over and over. Because of this repeated past rejection, they expect future rejection. Thus, to avoid rejection, they don't seek employment.

Job For The Disabled Solution #2 -- Take a risk -- apply for jobs. True enough, many potential employers will not hire you. But one may -- and all you need is one job.

In fact, 70% of employers say they would like to hire more disabled people. If you are rejected, remind yourself that the next employer that you talk to about a job may be one of the 70% that want to hire a disabled person.

Finding A Job For The Disabled Problem #3 -- Impossibly Inconvenient Work Environments

It is hard for disabled people to function in a world that is designed for people who are not disabled. Many find the difficulties of the work environment more than they can handle.

They find it more than inconvenient...they find it impossible.

Job For The Disabled Solution #3 -- Give it your best effort. You have already overcome many obstacles.

You are an overcomer! Don't let the work environment stand in your way.

If you find the work setting to be difficult, try talking to your employer.

Maybe accommodations can be made. And many employers are willing to make reasonable changes to have a more functional work fact, the Americans With Disabilities Act requires most employers to make reasonable changes to accommodate a disabled person.

So, see if you can work something out. If not, don't give-up. Look for another place to work which is more accommodating.

Finding A Job For The Disabled Problem #4 -- No Marketable Skills

Even though most disabled people have many abilities...many have not received training or education in a job skill. They don't have what employers are looking for.

Job For The Disabled Solution #4 -- Seek more education or training. Many schools and vocational training programs have special programs for people who are disabled.

A wide variety of assistance is available, both financial and practical.

If you live in the United States, a place to start seeking more education or training is with your state's Department of Vocational Rehabililtation.

Finding A Job For The Disabled Problem #5 -- Disability Benefits

For many disabled people, the financial assistance which they receive because of their disability can trap them.

They need the benefits. And, thus, they don't want to earn an income and lose their benefits.

They are afraid that if they are unable to continue working, they will not be able to get their benefits back. Or, even if they do, it will require so much time and effort that they will have to go for a long time without income and insurance.

Job For The Disabled Solution #5 -- Test the waters by working as a volunteer, first. Because you are not earning an income you are not risking your disability benefits.

This will allow you to find out what you can do and what you can't do. Then, when you feel confident enough, seek employment.

As you start working, you may want to begin as a part-time employee. If you keep your earnings below a certain level, you will be able to continue receiving your disability benefits.

As you gain confidence you can increase your hours, increase your earnings, and let go of your disability benefits.

Check with your Social Security Administration office to determine how much you can earn without losing benefits.

Another Solution

There is one other possible solution to these problems. You can become self-employed.

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