Journal Away Depression

Journal away depression -- This simple, easily accomplished, inexpensive, 15 minutes per day activity can help reduce your depression.

It is no secret that stress contributes to depression. To learn more about stress and depression click here.

One job that is very stressful is being a police officer. It takes a powerful technique to reduce the stress and related depression experienced by the police.

A study, conducted by The University of New England, demonstrated the effectiveness of one activity. In the study, police officers spent 15 minutes at the end of their shift writing in a journal about stressful events and feelings that had occurred during the shift. In just four days the officers experienced a 28% reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Journaling has been found repeatedly to be a healthy activity physically and emotionally. That is why I encourage participants in The "How to Transform Your Life" E-Workshop to journal daily.

To learn more about how you can help your depression click here.

Source: Emotions diary can help police: study. March, 2005.