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You Can Create and Use Your Own Web Site As a Professional Practice Marketing Tool.

Why your own Web site as a professional practice marketing tool?

Because the Web is the very best, most cost effective place to market directly to the people that you want to reach.

What do you want to accomplish through your marketing efforts? My guess is that you want to attract potential clients who are right for your practice. That is, clients who need and are interested in the services that you provide.

A Web site is a professional practice marketing tool that you can use to achieve this goal.

You don't want to reach everybody...Rather, you want to reach a "niche."

As James D. Martin and Nancy Knoohuizen state in their book, Marketing Basics for Designers: A Source Book of Strategies and Ideas, "Marketing based on a niche or segment is more efficient than unfocused marketing because you don't waste time and money telling your story to people who aren't interested. Instead, you zero in on the potential clients most likely to need your services. Narrowing your focus makes marketing easier, faster, and more profitable." (p. 6)

When you identify your niche, and market directly to that niche, using a Web site as a professional practice marketing tool you enhance the impact of your marketing efforts--and your marketing dollars.

The reverse of this is also true...If you do not accurately identify and market to a specific niche you will waste a lot of time, effort, and money.

A Web site used as a professional practice marketing tool can help you zero in on a specific niche.

And you can accomplish this highly focused, effective marketing activity while providing a valuable, helpful service to clients and potential clients.

To do this first consider the information that your clients and potential clients, will find helpful and useful. Next, communicate this needed information in several articles for your professional practice marketing Web site.

For example, if you are a marriage counselor -- you may want to write an article on, How To Develop Better Communication Skills. By the way, this professional practice marketing tool is not just for psychotherapists and other mental health professionals...

    If you are an accountant -- you may want to write an article on, Often Overlooked Tax Deductions.

    If you are a lawyer -- you may want to write an article on, The Value of Having a Will.

    If you are a dentist -- you may want to write an article on, How to Have the Whitest, Brightest Smile Possible.

You get the idea. You can easily see how articles such as these can be effective professional practice marketing tools.

By writing such articles, you provide people with useful and helpful information. But you do much more. You demonstrate to potential clients that you are an expert.

Those potential clients who find your articles are looking for the topics that your articles address. They do a search through a search engine to find information related to the relevant topic. The search engine directs them to your Web site.

By finding the articles in your professional practice marketing Web site, they find you. And they find out that you are an expert.

For example, as a psychologist, I am interested in attracting clients to my practice who are experiencing depression. So I have developed a Web site that features articles on depression.

As potential clients who are experiencing depression search for information concerning how to help their depression, they find my site. They learn about depression, how to help their depression...and they learn that I know about depression and how to help depression.

In this way I provide potential clients with a service -- teaching them about depression and informing them about resources that help depression. I also attract potential clients to my practice.

As you can see from this example, the Web can be a great professional practice marketing tool for matching potential clients with specific providers...Providers who offer the very services that those clients need and are actively seeking. And with a Web site you even start building relationships with your clients through your Web site before they pick up the phone to call you or walk through your door.

To read about how others are using the Web to build a business -- including a very successful dentist, Dr. John Burch, DDS -- check out the SBI case-histories site by clicking here.

To use a Web site as a professional practice marketing tool you must...

  • develop the Web site

  • know your potential clients' needs

  • accurately and adequately address those needs in your Web site content

  • write in a style that potential clients browsing on the Internet are willing to read -- a style which is very different from that which most professionals are accustomed to

  • write in a manner that search engines will rank favorably

  • summit your articles to search engines often enough to get the articles listed, but not so often that you are barred from the engines

  • build traffic through other resources such as Pay-Per-Click engines, directiories, links from other Web sites, and so on.

There are several resources that can help you accomplish these tasks in a skilled manner, even if your are a computer newbie.

In my opinion the most comprehensive, easiest to use and affordable resources available are those offered by offers an all-in-one-place collection of tool that can be used to build a successful Web business. These tools are called Site Build It (SBI).

SBI is the service that I have used to build and host I selected SBI for many reasons.

The first reason was that SBI produces results. On the Web, results means traffic. Before discovering SBI I built another Web site using another service. This site attracted no traffic. It just sat there month after month and no one even saw it. I did not spend a lot of money -- so I did not lose much -- but that's not the point.

The point is I wanted a site that would help me achieve some goals. My goals were to build my practice and to sell info products, such as e-books, online.

With SBI I am generating traffic and it's growing daily. SBI supplied me with all of the tools needed to get the results I was after. More importantly, they provided the information that I needed to know how to build a successful Web site.

Want proof? Here it is.

Click here and see the results produced by SBI.

Want more proof? Here it is.

Click here to see the traffic ranking of successful SBI sites.

Another reason I selected SBI is because their tools are comprehensive. They provide everything needed to build a successful Web business. Other services offer a few services or tools in a package. Then as you need more, they sell you another package...then another...and another. It all adds up. And because the packages of services and tools are separate they are more complicated to use.

This is not the case with SBI. Everything is packaged together and works together as a single intergrated Web site building and hosting program.

A third reason SBI was right for me is the cost. SBI is not expensive. If it was expensive I wouldn't have purchased it. In fact it is one of the most affordable programs available.

To compare the services and costs of SBI with other popular services such as Yahoo!, click here.

A fourth reason I selected SBI is that it is simple to use even by someone, like me, who knows very little about building a Web site. I was a complete computer newbie when I started building So far I have developed without professional help. I have really enjoyed creating the site and it is truly my creation.

Nevertheless, I like the fact that if I need help, Web site building professionals are available -- which is the fifth reason that I selected SBI. maintains a directory of SBI certified Webmasters who are available for hire if needed.

To learn more, click here.

Solo Build It also has excellent support. If you have a problem they assign a support person to you. The same person stays with you until the problem is solved -- unless you die of old age first :-) I have used Solo Build It support several times and found them to be very helpful.

One time I sent an e-mail to the support person that I had been working with at 1:00 am. I thought, "He won't be available at this hour but he will get the e-mail first thing tomorrow and can respond to it early." To my surprise, I got a reply almost immediately. Now does not promise immediate, middle of the night support but they are always timely, thorough, and helpful -- at least they have been in my experience.

To learn more about how you can create your own Web site and use it...

  • as a professional practice marketing tool,

  • to develop your practice,

  • to sell professional services,

  • and maybe even offer additional services to a world wide client base, such as, selling an e-book,
...visit the SBI Web site -- click here.

You will truly be amazed at all that is offered by