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Can Professional Services Marketing Help You and Your Business?

Can professional services marketing help you and your business? To answer this question ask yourself if your professional practice is all that you want it to be.

If not, professional services marketing can help.

But who has the time and the money to market professional services?

A professional in private practice often finds himself or herself too busy providing professional services to market those services.

Of course, you can hire someone to market your professional services for you, but that is very expensive. So your challenge is to find professional services marketing activities that you can use to...

  • produce practice growth

  • increase earnings

  • reach out to those who need your services.
And you need to identify professional services marketing activities that...
  • will not take too much valuable time away from your clients

  • will not be so expensive that you are spending more on marketing than the marketing is producing.
If you can also find professional services marketing activities that are enjoyable, so much the better.

Many professionals spend years exploring different options and experimenting with professional services marketing activities such as...

  • yellow page advertising -- too expensive

  • visiting potential referral sources -- too time consuming

  • direct mail -- not very effective

  • offering free seminars -- time consuming and effective for only a short time following the seminar

  • radio advertising -- way too expensive

  • and so on.
Here my goal is to share with you...
  • professional services marketing information

  • professional services marketing resources
...that you can use to promote your practice in a manner which is effective, affordable, not too time consuming, and, hopefully, fun.

Spend some time reading the articles and exploring the links.

It is my hope that you will find this information interesting and beneficial.


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