The Beast: A Journey Through Depression

The Beast: A Journey Through Depression, by Tracy Thompson, contains an abundance of information about the disease of depression. Ms. Thompson does more, however, than just give you facts...She shares her personal experiences with you.

As one who has struggled with depression since childhood, she has a lot of insight and practical understanding. And she can help you understand what you are up against as you take on this Beast, depression.

The Beast: A Journey Through Depression can also be of help to those who love someone who is experiencing depression. By reading the book, one enters the world of the depressed and gets a glimpse of life through his or her eyes.

If you are not depressed and want to know what life with depression is like, this is the book to read.

The book is one that offers comfort and support. The depressed reader gets the feeling that Ms. Thompson is walking along beside him or her.

The book also offers hope as it describes how Ms. Thompson was able to develop a new life...a life that is described as one of "work, love, and ordinary happiness." You can go to the home page by clicking here.