Are you struggling with depression?
Depression help is available to you.

Many who struggle with depression find that trying to get depression help is frustrating. Trying "self help for depression" can be even worse.

Do you find this to be the case? I want to reassure you -- there is hope.

In this Web site I will share a lot of information about depression and how you can help depression.

One of my Web site visitors recently pointed out an important fact. She commented that so much information about depression can be over-whelming -- especially for someone who is depressed.

You may be able to relate. You may not have the...

  • energy

  • concentration

  • motivation read long pages of information.

If this is the case I am doing two things to help you.

  • I am putting the major points on each page in red -- You can skim the page and get the important points by just reading the red text.

  • I am putting a brief summary in red at the bottom of each page -- You can scroll to the bottom of a page and read the summary if you wish.
I hope this helps.

Of course, if you want more detailed information you can still read all of each page.

My clients often tell me, "It seems like no one really understands what it is like to be depressed. A lot of people give you advice -- But none of it really seems to work."

So is there any help -- or self help -- for depression?
I believe the answer to this question is, YES!

I am Dr. H. Paul Stanley, Jr., a psychologist practicing in Memphis, Tennessee, for more than twenty-one years. During that time I have provided counseling to many men and women seeking help for depression.

For you to help your depression, you have to know what to do. And you have to do it.

I want to help you learn what you need to know to help your depression. Moreover, I want to encourage you to do it. is here to provide you with both . . .

  • depression help

  • and support
. . . so that you can be successful in coping with your depression.

Here you will find depression help information which is . . .

  • concise

  • practical

  • and useful.
In addition, you will find depression help tips -- tips which are . . .
  • relevant

  • available

  • supportive

  • and helpful.
So, take your time. Browse the different pages. Read the depression help information. Think about what you read.

Most important . . .use the information. Do something with what you learn. Remember, all "depression help" is really "self help for depression."

What do I mean by this? Let me explain...

A well qualified psychologist can give you the very best information about how to change your thinking and behaviors so that your depression will improve. But you have to take the information and use it before it will help your depression.

You can read the most relevant and most up-to-date book on depression -- a book that is filled with beneficial information that has helped thousands successfully deal with their depression. But you have to apply the information to your life before it will help your depression.

You can go to a highly competent psychiatrist who prescribes the very best medication available for depression. But you have to take the medication for it to help your depression.

So take action.

It is my hope that as you read the following depression help articles and discover what to do -- and as you do it -- you will find help for your depression.

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In short, is here to provide you with information and resources that you can use to help your depression.

The information and resources are to help you know what to do and to help you do it.

Because all depression is really self help for depression, you have to take the information and use it by taking action.

Current Depression Information
Depression Help Blog
This page will keep you abreast of any new articles or updates added to
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This article will help you understand clinical depression and distinguish clinical depression from sadness.
Symptoms of Clinical Depression and Other Mood Disorders
Here you will receive help in determining if you have a clinical depression or other mood disorders. The symptoms of depression and mania are described.
My Mental Health Diagnoses -- What Types of Clinical Depressions Do I Have?
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Job Burnout and Depression
This article explains job burnout, how job burnout relates to depression and other problems, some factors that are related to burnout and how you can reduce burnout.
Depression Self Help by Changing Depressive Thinking
This article explains how negative thinking about one’s self, the world, and the future contributes to depression and how you can experience depression self help by changing your negative thinking.
Depression Diet -- Why Does A Depression Diet Affect Mood?
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Diet And Depression -- You Can Diet Down Your Depression
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The Diet and Depression Link -- Diet for Depression
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Walk Away From Depression -- Exercise and Depression
This article discusses exercise and depression explaining how you can use exercise to help your depression.
Medication for Depression
Can medication for depression help you? This article will help you answer this question.
Finding Professional Depression Therapy
Finding the right professional to provide you with depression therapy is important. Here you will find information and guidelines to help you find the professional help you need.
Helping Someone Who is Depressed
This article will help you know what to do and what not to do when helping someone who is depressed.
Job For The Disabled And Depressed: Some Problems and Solutions
This article describes some problems that disabled people face when trying to find a job for the disabled.. Solutions are suggested.
Self Help Depression With Transformation Skills
Explains how Transformation Skills can be used to self help depression and how you can learn transformation skill.
Introduction to the Transformation Skills Forum
Information about the Transformation Skills Forum -- a resource where transformation skills training participants can both give and receive online support.
Depression Help Online Support Source
This is a place that you can give and receive depression help online support.
The Personal Development Growth & Transformation Store
Personal development growth resources to help you transform your life.
Resources for Psychotherapists
Resources that psychotherapists can use to transform their practice.
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